Attention hair-lovers!
There are four new must-have products on the market!

ghd Curve


from left to right – Classic Curl Tong, Creative Curl Wand, Soft Curl Tong and Classic Wave Wand

All four of the curlers from the curve range – the Soft Curl Tong, the Classic Curl Tong, the Classic Wave Wand and the Creative Curl Wand – all feature tri-zone technology, something that was exclusive in the ghd eclipse styler. This fancy-sounding stuff basically means that stylers that feature this technology are more powerful than regular ones on the market. With normal tongs, you would have to position the hair in the centre of the barrel, meaning it takes longer for the hair to curl and is generally not very efficient. With tri-zone technology in the curlers, you’re able to position the hair from base to tip of the tong, meaning that the hair will heat up quicker, allowing less curling time, and more time showing off your fab hair. Not to mention they heat up to 185’C meaning that it’s safer for the hair, but it’s still able to create the perfect curl or wave. What’s not to love! Additionally, the tongs have an aluminium clip which conducts the heat from the barrel therefore it makes sure even the hair that isn’t directly touching the barrel will be heated too, making for better and more long-lasting curls.

Time to show you what all the fuss is about…

the Soft Curl Tong can help you achieve… Voluptuous Volume



the Classic Curl Tong can help you achieve… the Classic Curl


the Classic Wave Wand can help you achieve… Hollywood Waves


the Creative Curl Wand can help you achieve… Laidback Luxe


We’ve been wanting a tong for aaaaages, We just love the way it makes your hair look! Here at Adele Jones Hairdressing we’ve big fans of ghd, their last offering ghd Aura is a truly fantastic product and a massive leap forward in technology we can honestly say that we have never come across a hairstyling company that beats them.
No wonder they’re one of the most renowned hair styling companies in the world!
For £110 each, you better get your mitts on them ASAP ’cause I can guarantee they’ll be selling like hotcakes.
Not to mention the first few come with a free rose-gold trimmed carry bag with attached heat protection pad!
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